The Positive Effects Of Globalization And Foreign Culture

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During the last few years, there were dramatical changes in the world. As the world gets increasingly interconnected through globalization, people could easily communicate and exchange knowledge despite the spaces and the huge oceans that separate them. Many people, however, believe that the exposure to the foreign culture would affect the local culture. This makes others think about what the connection between globalization and culture is, and wether it affects the local culture positively or negatively. Althought there are some positive effects, in reality, globalization could affect the local culture negatively through changing the traditional customs, influencing the people’s manners, and weakening the native language.
The local customs and the traditions of many societies have been significantly affected by globalization. It is obvious that during the last few years, there were noticeable changes in the traditional customs almost everywhere. Nowadays, people usually abandon their precious traditions and replace them by foreign ones. For example, when comparing family relationship in the past and now, the painful truth is that the family disintegration has noticeably increased in society these days. This is due to the increased expousure to foreign culturel products such as movies and TV shows. Moreover, beside the alteration of the customs, globalization has affected the traditions of local people. This clearly evident with regard to food. A study by Levin Institute

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