The Positive Effects Of Marijuana Effects

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Marijuana Effects According to the National Institute of Health, 6.5% of high school seniors are smoking marijuana on a daily base. Teenagers using marijuana has been rising rapidly in the last few years causing more problems and harms in American society. This is a problem, but the bigger problem is that they do not realize the effects marijuana has on their health. High use of marijuana by teenagers, even though they think is not harmful, has high effects on their health. Use of marijuana amongst teenagers has been rapidly increasing in the past few years, and marijuana is used often in high school and college parties - many report that use of marijuana is more common than the use of alcohol in such parties. However, the problem does not stop once parties are over. Teenagers use marijuana frequently and a lot are abusing the use of it – thinking that marijuana has no effects, but it helps them instead. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) conducted a survey named “Monitoring the Future” that estimated that 22.5% of high school seniors, 14% of sophomores, and 5.4% of 8th-graders reported using marijuana within the past month. Statistics explain that there is a high rate of teenagers that have been using marijuana or at least used it in the last month. Teenagers in high school using marijuana do not realize the effects it has on their health and sometimes use it abusively – thinking that it makes them feel relaxed and better. The truth is that Marijuana has a lot
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