The Positive Effects Of New Technology In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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A new technology is being created every day in this fast growing world, and a majority of them are helping the human society in some way shape or form. Technologies today are being created to have multifarious effects that will help improve the quality of humanity. But, with all good things there will be some “unintended consequences … and revenge effects” as stated by Tenner who suggests that there was no human invention ever that completely fulfilled its intended uses or completely ignore the unintended effects (Tenner). Tenner reaches his conclusion about the revenge effects by referring to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In Frankenstein Victor creates the creature to help mankind and improve their lives, but eventually, the creature ends up killing the people that it was created to help (Shelley). Nanotechnology or nanobots is the new uprising scientific technology that people are hoping will help them in their fields of work. Nanobots are extremely small robots with a size ranging from 0.1- 10 micrometers, that scientists are hoping will have multiple positive effects. The scientists are building and developing these bots, hoping to improve the health of humans, quality of food and many more. But, now that the news about nanotechnology and their intended uses had spread, people are more concerned regarding their uses due to the precariousness left by the developers. People began to ask all the little minute questions, which give rise to the promontory, could

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