The Positive Effects Of Video Games And Pop Culture

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Unlike most forms of art and media that have been around for longer than 100 years, video games are relatively young and new, coming to consumers in the 1970s. But in this short span of time, video games have developed immensely, and have become ingrained in pop culture and are the main passion and enjoyment of millions of people around the world. However, with how new video games still are, people do not see them as an art form, but just as a waste of time that corrupt the youth, similar to how rock music was perceived in America in the 1950s. The effects of them are still not fully known and studied, but throughout the years, the research that has been done, and effects on those who have played video games show that they are not a harmful medium of entertainment. Video games are just another form of media that have had a positive effect on people through the abilities that can be gained and improved, the escape and enjoyment gained from playing, and the positive effects of social interaction.
Video games can leave a positive influence on people as it can be beneficial both skill wise and physically. According to Nakaya, a man named Paxton Galvanek saved the victims of a car accident he saw occur. He insisted that he was only able to because of the knowledge he gained from the game America’s Army (65). Players of video games can gain knowledge and information that can be applied in the real world, such as with the situation that Galvanek found himself in. Without his

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