Code Of Ethics: The Enron Code Of Ethics

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Enron has a 64-page enron code of ethics based on, respect, integrity , communication, and excellence. Kenneth lay, former chairman of Enron echoed this sentiment in a statement saying “we are responsible for conducting the business … moral and honest manner.” (source) The company went on to gained 100 billion in revenue, one of the fastest growing in the economy at 2000. Short after one year afterwards, 2001, Enron declared bankruptcy with numerous of its executives charged with fraud , money laundering and many other questionably moral behaviour. Enron prides themselves in having their code of ethics, which are forms of moral rules; standards of behaviours that dictates the way employees conduct themselves in business. After multiple charges…show more content…
One of the main reason why Enron still keeps these codes of ethics, despite not using it was to build trust in the customers/investors. Kenneth lay , former chairman would go on to be quoted in books, seen promoting these code of ethics. (sources) Just like many other companies, showing code of ethics was a way for the company to gain trust from investors, to eventually have business and gain profit with them. This is beneficial for the company. However, Enron has turned this trust, as a reason to even fool more people. In the case of Enron, the code of ethics becomes unrealistic values that the outside world falsely idealised. Again, code of ethics was ignored and did not change the morally corrupt culture Enron…show more content…
Most of the unethical behaviours in Eron was done for personal gains and sometime to gain profits for the business. Moral imagination theorist challenges this, they believe that there is a false dichotomy between ethics and success. It believes that you don thave to become unethical to become successful. It suggests that one should imagine and envision ingenious solutions to an ethical problem that are both ethical and successful. An example of moral imagination is from the company nestle foods. When the trend of food advertisement to young children are high sugar, high fat products, nestle food choose no to do that but instead create healthier products to stay competitive in the market. Enron and other companies can follow suit this trend. Enron at the time , complicitly work with other businesses. tHus, an ingeneous solution that would be proben to become more ethical but also equally successful can be attractive to these businesses. Moral imagination can not only solve the ethical problems of one company, but a whole set of companies in the same area or

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