The Positive Impact Of Ict In Education

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The involvement of technology in education advances the level of critical and depth of information known to students. That is one of the many positive impact of ICT in education – the impact of ICT on the learning of students, on motivation, the attendance, the performance, and of course, to the students’ achievements. The whole range of ICT’s impact in the achievement of students cannot be measured thoroughly. Trucano (2018) reports that “in general, and despite thousands of impact studies, the impact of ICT use on student achievement remains difficult to measure and open to much reasonable debate.” However, and still, ICT has a role in the achievements of students. The following is based on Trucano’s ideologies. First, positive impact more likely when linked to pedagogy. High-achievers and students who are able to demonstrate outstanding performance in school are oftentimes updated with their lectures. In the past, when a scholar wanted to know something, they literally pour on books and start looking for the evidence in the text. Today, a scholar do not need to do the same thing. In just one click, a hundred thousand and even a million result from the search is given in a second. This is called information explosion. Now, the searching student can use the search engines for ultra-fast answers that they do not need to go through the library and browse for content. Second, the need for clear goals. It should be noted that ICTs are useful instruments to
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