The Positive Impact Of Mass Media On Education

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But, as the Islam mentioned, It requires freedom of the press to the media can have a positive effect. The media should not depend on the economic, which leads to a distortion of information. In other words, mass media should be strong and independent. There are many educational benefits which will not only positively effect on the education and help to solve the part of global problems as the growth of youth crime and youth socialization, sources of information, which are available and free to use in the Internet resources, have a significant impact on improving the level of education of school pupils and students of universities. As it is known, the growth of the crime among young people, which is mainly a result of the aggression of the younger generation because of an overabundance of energy and a lack of financial capacity could be solved by the help of social networks in which people are free to express their emotions when dealing with each other, and then they are able to went out into the real life without any aggression. Moreover, on the Internet there are plenty of sources of incomes for which can provide, for instance, students a sufficient amount of money to live. All of those problems can partially be solved by the help of the mass media. The impact of mass media on policy is carried out primarily through its impact on the information process, which allows a certain way to form public opinion. The main steps of the process are: getting information, selection,

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