The Positive Impact Of The Internet And The Internet

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The growth of internet and new technologies has reached a phenomenal rate. In year 2014, the number of global internet users passed 3 billion, and worldwide social media users exceeded 2 billion (Kemp, 2015). Studies show that this growth is not slowing anytime soon, a spread of mobile devices gives access to more and more users, particularly in the developing world. While this growth is undoubtedly having positive effect on global progress and world’s economy, the internet is becoming a tool for various terrorist organizations. Modern terrorism has been compared with theater (Tsfati, et al., 2002 p. 318), as terrorist acts are orchestrated and orientated to publicity; their main goal is to attract the attention of the masses through international media and press. So it is not surprising that internet serves as a perfect medium for achieving these goals: anyone can create and instantly share information, and that information can be potentially reached by any internet user. Also, the media formats, offered by internet, are multi-dimensional – video, uploaded to Youtube or similar platform, can be reused by TV stations; blog posts can be cited in international press, etc. In this way, videos of ISIS beheadings or public announcements of Al Qaeda reach worldwide audience – it would be hard to find a person who has not seen at least a glimpse of such content. Furthermore, internet, differently from conventional media and press, gives an opportunity to avoid censorship. It is
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