The Positive Impact Of The Internet

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The use of internet and platforms like Google or the modern social media networks have brought a lot of changes in our life. The impact of internet and the use of technology has become so impactful that it has effected all walks of life whether it is social, political and the economic dimensions of life. The evolution of internet is now a thing of the past and it has been there since the last many decades. It has actually revolutionized the way of life and has been the most radical change that has happened in the world during the last century. Research has shown that more than a billion people on the planet are using the internet in one form or the other. They are using different technologies and device for gaining access to the internet. The rapid and frequent use of internet on a daily basis by such a huge population number has invited many questions for scholars and researchers (Nie & Hillygus, 2002). Where various researches have been carried out to analyze the positive impact of internet, there have been researches to analyze how internet has had negative impacts on the life of people. The purpose of the study here is to analyze how the use of internet has impacted the life of people in terms of different aspects such as social and psychological impacts. The question that the study is going to address here is that how the internet use had impacted the people. The other question that the study is going to address here is that whether the internet or services like Google
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