The Positive Impacts Of Globalization In Africa

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The positive impact of globalisation in Africa According to Toyo (2000) “globalisation began when capital moved from Europe to open up new areas in America and Australia, mostly in the building of rail road systems and agriculture that would be central to the expansion of capitalism”. The purpose of this essay is to explore the positive impacts of globalisation in Africa. Firstly, the essay will focus on overviewing the definition of globalisation in Africa by different authors. Secondly, the essay will focus on discussing the history of globalisation. It will further discuss the positive impacts of globalisation in Africa. Defining globalisation Kwame cited in Nsibambi (2000) defines globalisation as “a process of advancement and increase in interaction among the world’s countries and peoples facilitated by progressive technological changes in locomotion, communication, political, and military power, knowledge and skills as well as interfacing of cultural values and systems”. Therefore, it can be said that globalisation is the movement towards the expansion of economic and social ties between countries through the spread of corporate institutions and the capitalist philosophy that leads to the shrinking of the world in economic terms. According to Baylis and Smith (2001) “globalization can be defined as a historical process involving a fundamental shift or transformation in the spatial scale of human social organisation that links distant communities and expands the
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