The Positive Impacts Of Queen Elizabeth's Influence On England

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Queen Elizabeth 1 made a positive impact on England during her reign. However, those who governed before were not as contributively towards the nation as Elizabeth was and thus can show that Elizabeth helped restore England back to its power. King Henry the v111 was crowned king at the age of eighteen. Henry consumed himself with the thought and desire of producing a son to rule the throne after him. The traditional view of a king was to rule a kingdom and sort out the injustice that the people wanted justice for. Not only did a king control the laws, politics and economics of their kingdom, the king was seen as strong enough to help lead their country into battles and come back with a victory. Henry was under pressure to make the Tudor family a successful line of Kings to help carry on a legacy, daughters were not part of his plan.…show more content…
Henry was not satisfied by the gender which Catherine provided. Henrys idea was to get divorced to Catherine and marry again to get the son that he desired for. However, the Catholic Pope refused to allow the divorce between Henry and Catherine. With the refusal of the divorce, Henry broke England from the Roman Catholics and began his own religion known as Protestantism. Through the decision in which Henry made the country’s’ history was changed. As a result Henry made the right decision to marry Anne Boleyn (Henry’s second wife) who bore Elizabeth Tudor. Elizabeth 1 was born in Greenwich, on the 7 September 1533. Henry did receive a son from Anne, but the son was
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