The Positive Impacts Of Rap Music

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If you were to ask someone how music has changed their lives, most people would say they listen to music all the time. People listen to music at the gym, shopping, in the car almost everywhere. A lot will say that music is relatable, it’s a way of art, music has saved people’s lives. However, if you were to ask people about rap music specifically, they would probably say it’s violent, gory, or say they don’t like it. Did you know that since rap music became popular violent crimes have declined? The rap movement has a positive change on society because it exposes the hardships of discrimination, rappers have been known to give back to their communities, and most rappers send a positive message to the youth.
The rap movement invokes change on society because it exposes the harsh truth of discrimination. Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen was gunned down by white police officer Darren Wilson and left for dead thus beginning protests (Charity, Diaz, Drake). Rap artists are using incidents like what happened to Michael Brown to speak about in their music. In his song, “Don’t Die”, Killer Mike raps “I woke up this morning to a cop with a gun, who told me that he looking for a ni**a on the run” (Charity, Diaz, Drake). Rappers are using their music to speak out about how minorities are treated, specifically blacks.
Rap has also had a positive impact because it shows the extent discrimination really goes to. Rappers have been known to address police brutality (Leah). Rappers have
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