The Positive Influence Of Social Media And The Internet

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One of the most enlightening and world changing discovery is the accessibility to internet (World Wide Web). This very modern technology changes every facet of our lives from how we speak, socialize, dress, live, entertain and communicate. Computers were initially developed for adult users; however, teens have fully embraced this technology and many of them own devices that allow them to be connected to the internet almost 24 hours daily. They spend time on their phones and computers either texting or chatting with friends all the time on social media, which is the most modern medium by which young adults of communicate. Many parents are concerned with the amount of time that their teens spend on social media and the fact that it almost always infringe on scheduled “family time”. In fact, it is difficult nowadays for teens to go anywhere without their phones, they have them when they go to school, to the bathroom, while eating, while having conversations, doing homework and even while in bed). Adolescent’s phone is like an extension of themselves and without it they consider life as very stressful when they are unable to ‘stay connected with their social media friends. There are many social networking sites and each are unique with their offerings but the one theme is that they keep you informed and connected. From the days of My Space to the most popular Facebook; Instagram and Twitter to name a few, there is no doubt that social media has had a significant
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