The Possibility Of Evil Analysis

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Evil is all around even in good it is just portrayed differently. Through reading the story”The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson, it is evident that Miss Strangeworth follows not only a outward social value system, but also an inward social value system. Her belief system may have been a result of a family tradition. She makes it known that she is the only “Strangeworth left in her town” (Jackson 4) and that she has many duties, Furthermore, Miss Strangeworth says that due to her being the only Strangeworth left, it is her duty to do away with the towns evil. Strangeworth tells tourists who stop to view her roses that her grandmother planted them. We can visualize Miss Strangeworth’s traditional side and that values did indeed pass on down to her. Therefore, it is possible that other traditions such as her contrasting social value systems were also passed on down to her. This implies that the previous generations of Strangeworths additionally had a similar objective…show more content…
"Walking down Main Street on a summer morning, Miss Strangeworth had to stop every minute or so to say good morning to someone or to ask after someone’s health”(Jackson 2). This example in the story is when Miss Strangeworth is out in town, she behaves towards the townspeople with her outward social value system. This was defined as her outward social value system is that Miss Strangeworth behaves and treats others friendly and properly. "Carrying her little bag of groceries, Miss Strangeworth came out of the store into the bright sunlight and stopped to smile down on the Crane baby”(2). Strangeworth is portraying compassion towards the child and gives off a sense that she cares for not only the people of the town, but also the children. Through these examples you can see her outward social value through this you can see she behaves towards others in a way she knows is accepted in
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