The Potential Dialogue Between Civilization And The Clash Of Civilization

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I. Introduction As being stated by Samuel P. Huntington, the Clash of Civilization is a hypothesis in which the primary sources of conflicts in the post-cold war era are more dominant to the people’s cultural and religious identities. Civilization has three attributes which are the objective elements – language, history religion, customs, and institution; the subjective elements – variable levels of self-identification; and civilization itself is dynamic – they rise and fall, divide and merge. Dialogue between civilizations are also needed and will give significant impacts for not only both civilizations but also for the world. This paper would like to discuss and analyze two cases about the possibility of Post-American World Order towards the potential Dialogue between Civilizations or the Clash of Civilizations theory; and the contribution of Dialogue between Civilizations towards the management of negative impact in this globalization era. II. The Possibility of a Post-American World Order Will Strengthen the Potential for Dialogue Between Civilizations or Increase the Relevancy with The Clash of Civilizations Hypothesis The Post-American World Order, a term created by Fareed Zakaria, an editor of Newsweek International and a writer on international affairs, as being stated on his book ‘The Post-American World’, explains that it is not the decline of the U.S. but it is about the great transformation which taking place around the world and the rise of other countries.
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