The Power Of Emotions In Romeo And Juliet

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Emotions are what propel you forward to reach your goal, but what also stop you from breaking your limits. They are what weigh into our decisions and help lead us to the choices we forever live with. Not only can they determine what we do, but also when and how we do it. At times they are stronger than others, pulling us forward or throwing us back as if we have absolutely no control. Just like in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the entire lives of two teenagers led by the emotions that they couldn’t ignore. Consequently, this leads them to make decisions that are irreversible, and significant. Decisions that change the lives of not only themselves, but the ones who love them. It opened the eyes of those who had been blinded by hatred, changing the way they viewed the delicate concept of life and death. The power of their emotions was so strong, that there was no escaping them. In the play, Shakespeare displays the power of emotions by the actions of not only Romeo and Juliet, but their families as well. The strength of their emotions are strong enough to cause them happiness, chaos, and eventually tragedy. Emotions can bring a wave of outcomes, including a time of happiness and undying love. A time where everything has seemed to fall into place, where the missing puzzle piece has been rightfully placed, completing the whole picture. This is how Romeo and Juliet feel when they confess their love for each other. As they are confessing their love, Juliet
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