'The Epiphany In Jesus Son'

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Have you ever look back what you have said and done in the past, and you are totally embarrassed by how nonsense and immature you were? We all experience that. In fact, it is an epiphany that arouses changes in ourselves. Epiphany is a revealing moment when we comprehend something in a deeper sense. They do not need to be legendary; they can be tiny but still insightful. The moment Newton was hit by the falling apple and came up with his theory of gravity was an epiphany. However, a rapacious old man who finally appreciates the beauty of generosity after being diagnosed with a fatal disease is also an epiphany. In Jesus’ Son, Fuckhead encounters these moments of realization as well. He is formerly a reckless druggie and alcoholic; no one really expects him to get into detox willingly and take a new approach to life in the end. He does that; therefore, Jesus’ Son affirms the legitimacy of epiphanies. Through various events in his life, Fuckhead understands the value of living and tries to improve himself. One of his most crucial epiphanies is we are not in a world of black and white. Influenced by all the superhero movies, it is always easy for us to oversimplify the nature of humans, conceiving…show more content…
I had never known, never even imagined for a heartbeat, that there might be a place for people like us” (133). The story closes with an ongoing ending so we never know if he can overcome his weaknesses, denying to be drawn back into his old life or not. Interesting enough, the ending is a hope and a promise-- he is going to be better. Maybe a few years later, when Fuckhead is in the right direction in life, he will be surprised by finding out how dissipated he was in the past. Through various events in his life, he understands the truth of living and tries to improve himself. Therefore, Jesus’ Son affirms the legitimacy of
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