The Power Of Feminism In James Joyce's Sea Rose

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The Power of Feminism No one can deny that feminism plays a significant role in many plays, short stories and even poems. H.D. is one of the significant modernist female poets, who has a feminist vision throughout her poems. “Sea Rose” is one of her famous, imagist, feminine poems, simply because different types of roses are represented by women and many critics see a clear reference to the condition of women. Through this imagist poem H.D. focuses on presenting a woman who lives in a tough restrictive society and how her stamina will assist her to survive in cruel environmental conditions. In addition, not only do women’s suffering and isolation appear in H.D.’s “Sea Rose”, but also these themes appear in “Eveline” which is one of the short stories of James Joyce’s collection Dubliners that is not usually seen as concerned with gender issues. Women could face harsh treatment in their societies which leads them to suffer physically and mentally. This suffering could be the reason behind women’s isolation as seen in “Eveline”. It is important to know that not only are women artists like H.D. interested in feminism, but also Joyce’s “Eveline” could be seen as dealing with feminist issues too. Feminism could be defined as the support for women’s rights which include the rights to act, speak and think in a free way. A lack of freedom as represented in the title character is one of the reasons that allows audience to read “Eveline” from a feminist perspective. Every woman in
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