The Power Of Friendship In Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

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Shaikha Saeed AlYammahi 201103854
Methods of Research in Literary Studies
Dr. Marlene Allen
Literature 300
6 December 2016
The Power of Friendship, Innocence and Empathy As Illustrated In the Novel,“The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”
The boy in the striped pyjamas, a fable story that involves two boys, Bruno (a German) and Shmuel (a Jew). In the novel, Boyne expresses the power of friendship, innocence, and empathy, among other themes, in a nation full of racism, xenophobia, and fear as discussed in this essay.
Friendship is described as an “intimate association to one who is not an enemy” (Boyne 21). The desire for friendship is immortal, especially right from childhood. Being alone has no enjoyment. In his novel, Boyne describes the power of friendship through Bruno, an eight-year German boy who cannot do without friends. He is forced to make a new friend in his newly moved home, called Shmuel who was of Jewish origin (Boyne 16). The friendship between the two boys grows and discovers new ideas in different aspects of their life despite coming from two different regions. This illustrates that friendship exposes one to new ideas, culture and issues that an individual cannot learn on their own.
Also, friendship makes life easier and enjoyable,besides helpingone in developing a sense of responsibility of caring for other people. In this novel, despite his childish behaviour, Bruno is trying to secretly keep his friendship with Shmuel. He says, “You are my best friend,
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