Power Of Habit Essay

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“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.” (Duhigg 2012) The compelling excerpt above is taken from the book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Published by Gugigg himself, a Pultizer-prize winning author in 2012, it spent over 120 weeks on multiple New York Times bestseller lists. The book offers a masterfully crafted synthesis of scientific research with the author’s personal experiences and ideas, eloquently demonstrating the importance of habit daily while offering insights on making positive amends to achieve success in our businesses and personal lives. The Power of Habit offers it readers a diverse range of illustrations; ranging from the impactful milestone of Alcoholics Anonymous contributing…show more content…
In a nutshell, this means that we are subconsciously putting ourselves at risk of catching habits that might be hazardous to our wellbeing. In fact, one of the most common habits apparent among the working people of current society is incorporating ourselves into a cycle of unhealthy eating due to the tremendous amount of pressure being put onto us from being connected at all times. Bruce Kell, a personal fitness trainer and a studio owner at Fitness Together Media stated “People have a hard time distinguishing between their perception of living with healthy habits and the reality of their lifestyle choices.” Most of the time, it is only when we are tangled upon these vicious cycles before we actually start realizing the damage being inflicted upon us. “People usually persist in a habit because the direct personal outcomes are satisfying. Reasons to quite a ‘bad habit’ usually relate to the negative consequences of the habit on the long run and/or on the social/physical environment.” (Jager 2003) Regardless, this does not mean that a person is doomed to repeat this cycle of self-harm until their demise. Instead, we are all capable of refining these habits to either put an end to them, or to even revise them to produce positive results. As mentioned previously, the only segment of the three step process discussed in The Power of Habit is the routine, done so by making slight alterations to it
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