The Power Of Habit Charles Duhigg Character Analysis

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Charles Duhigg, a New York Times reporter is also the author of “The Power of Habit”. This scientific yet easy to read book is a true exposure of the science of productivity, self-discipline and belief in our daily actions. It focuses on why habits exist and how individuals can change them. As a result, Charles explains each exploration in a short story that embodies his research and passion for the topic. In order to change a habit loop, Charles states that an individual must understand that habits exist, and believe that he/she is in control of changing it. It is not an easy task to change a habit loop as an individual requires determination and self-discipline to reshape the unproductive habits. Habits also represent who an individual truly is. Mr. Duhigg describes that it is plausible to change habits if individuals recognize…show more content…
Each story adds a significant meaning to the book. Almost every story is easy to relate to because the products, companies or individuals are important in our society. Another strength that I found useful was the way the book was provided to me, I had an online version of the book and I could read or listen to it at any moment. It was an easy read due to the vocabulary that was used and it was also interesting to me to find out about a formula or process that I can apply in my daily life to change unproductive habits.

It was challenging thinking about the books weaknesses as it is a professional piece of work. However, there is always something to criticize when paying close attention. In “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg the way the book is structured is probably not the best way. I believe that Mr. Duhigg should start by explaining how habits emerge, instead of how they work with a short story. Then move into how they work, and finally explain how we change them as individuals and

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