The Power Of Individualism In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Within his core, the essence of a man’s being remains encapsulated, serving as “a first cause, a fount of energy, a life force, [and] a Prime Mover” (“The Soul of an Individualist”). When the substance that constructs him is subdued, however, the flow of liquid creation that gushes from the fountain of innovation that empowers mankind dries up. In Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem, the quintessential society of the modern day is reversed, inevitably leading to the emergence of a darkened futuristic civilization where humans are forced to become masked shadows behind the cloak of an altruistic society. From the perspective of Equality 7-2521, the grapple between surrendering to conformity or rising to freedom takes place within himself, while he navigates through the lifeless state of his world. As he ventures beyond the boundaries of the incessant precepts implemented by his society, the elements that allow Equality to triumph over its standards are the development of his individual spirit and mind, which guide him toward the ideals of truth. The collectivist government, which was fabricated after the collapse of the “Unmentionable Times,” has taken various precautions to secure equality (Anthem 19). Labels are branded on the citizens through “iron bracelets,” transforming them into mere machines who are enslaved to serve their purpose in benefitting the wholesomeness of the brotherhood (Anthem 18). Generations are churned out via the “City Palace of Mating” and thrown into sets of
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