The Power Of Jealousy In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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The short story All Summer in A Day by Ray Bradbury informs readers about the terrible actions caused by jealousy. None of the children on Venus believe a thing margot says or does. Every kid is in disbelief because of Margot’s actions. Others would say that the power of desire is stronger than the power of jealousy. Most of the kids desire to see the Sun which is good to have something to hold on to. The other kids do terrible things because of Margot’s skill level compared to them. The short story is written based on how the power of jealousy causes contention. None of the children on Venus believe a thing Margot does. Margot made a very thoughtful and good poem. The poem says, “I think the sun is a flower; that blooms for just one hour:”(Bradbury 2). None of the kids believed that she wrote that poem and that she just copied it from someone in…show more content…
Margot lived on earth which led her to knowing more about the Sun than the rest of the kids. Margot kept telling the kids about the Sun and that made the kids very jealous. So they locked Margot in a closet while the Sun was shining on them. The kids did not lock Margot in the closet because the desired the sun. They locked her away because Margot was smarter than them. The kids on Venus made a terrible choice to lock Margot up because they were jealous of her. In the short story All Summer in A Day by Ray Bradbury teaches readers about the horrible actions that kids do following jealousy. The kids are in disbelief when they see what Margot can do. Margot knows more than them and makes better poems than the kids. Others would say that desire is more powerful than jealousy. They desire the Sun so much that they do activities revolving around it. The kids do very bad things because of jealousy towards Margot. The power of Jealousy reigns above all other powers in the short story All Summer in A
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