The Power Of Literacy: The Achievements Of Frederick Douglas And Malcolm X

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The Power of Literacy
Throughout history many people who have written about their endeavors in the pursuit of literacy. They have shown through their challenges that learning to read and write have been a key factor towards path to personal success and fulfillment. Within the accounts of such sought after skills, stories of hope, perseverance, heart break and triumph have echoed throughout the pages of history. And through these past experiences new generations have been given different perspectives and encouragement that they to may obtain the knowledge of literacy regardless of their hardships and overwhelming odds. Two such stories that contain great struggle and success have influenced generations of students, lie in the biographies of both Frederick Douglas and Malcolm Little or more commonly known as “Malcolm X”. Both men developed a passion for learning to read and write during some form of imprisonment. Through persistence against many challenges, literacy is a form of freedom and an intellectual door to success. Although both Frederick and Malcolm lived in very different times in history they both shared a vaguely similar sense of imprisonment, however that did not stop them from discovering the empowerment that reading soon brought to them. In their own ways they were passionate and greatly influenced by the amount of knowledge that was previously unavailable to them. Even though they had very limited resources available to aid in their education, they used their

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