The Power Of Love In Lauriana's No Other Woman

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for love and he is fairly gratified with this he might be looking for another figure to give that need. He is hunger for affectionate relation specifically with his loved ones, and he found that need from someone to augment his longingness and achieve his goal. On the other side, in the story Lauriana (2013), Bangs Garcia played as a dancer in a barrio in which her husband treated her miserably because her husband looked at her as a cheap woman working with indecent job. Also in the story My Neighbor’s Wife (2015), Dennis Trillo verbally abused her wife Lovi by insulting his wife on her wifely tasks without the wife’s knowledge that she is being compared to Carla Abellana. In No Other Woman (2011), Derek kept his wife Cristine Reyes to be a dutiful wife and at the same time to be a beautiful woman on the other hand even Cristine Reyes is presented on the movie to be a wife material that has no right to do other things, Derek still cheated on her and use Anne’s influence and power to help him on his personal achievement. In addition, in the story “A Second Chance”, John Lloyd Cruz and his wife Bea Alonzo encounter an economical problem, on which John Lloyd Cruz decides to take the full responsibility without asking the help of Bea. In The Love Affair (2011), Richard Gomez and his wife Dawn Zulueta have a big decision to choose the type of treatment regarding the operation that will save their youngest child but Richard Gomez’ decision prevail on the type of treatment that

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