I Love-You

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Sometimes I am frightened
But I'm ready to learn
Of the power of love From words that echo strongly on the vocalist of Celine Dion, this 90’s romantic pop hit is being famous in translation to the power of love. With billions of listeners sought this wonderful song to be touching on most of the tender-hearted, she worshipped the feeling or the potential of getting in love with her song and ordinary people embraced the affection of I-Love-You” in daily life. Nonetheless, the beguiling feelings start when you have the pounding heart for the special someone, followed by the happiness of seeing your crush, wearing everything that seemed befitting in your eyes, and how you wish you will be by his or her side constantly at any time of the day.
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He anticipates that as an obligation, a deal that bounded with another deal, which is a responsibility that needs to follow through. Hence, he notes frequently by quoting the phrase as, “ ‘I-love-you’ is a language reminding us of the insignificance of language, language that destroys language. It is language without alternatives, without subtlety, like a gunshot or the morning alarm.” He often describes this phrase will make him vulnerable, making his partner ask for his commitments and loyalty to stay true in the relationship. Perhaps I cannot understand any better than the author himself, but I will support his statement on the contradiction of this evergreen phrase. I might as be asking myself, what is the purpose of stating “I-Love-You” if you always need to perform your full responsibility on it? Do not get me wrong because as far as I know, some people do prefer to show their love by showing through their actions, and some people might as well prefer to show their love by saying these words but do nothing at all. In this case, I am all for “actions speak louder than words”. I can feel the annoyance of the author when he quoted this issue in his article. Personally, I view the words “I-Love-You” as demeaning and demanding if I have a future partner. Besides, I do not like to assert myself time and time again to show my full competence that I love you, instead, I want to
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