The Power Of Mass Media

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The struggle for control of the mass media is concentrated on controlling behavior, any individuals, any mass. The power of the media is created on the powerlessness of the audience to take a critical stance towards the information broadcast by media. Subtle methods of media with “beautifully packaged” disinformation often imperceptibly are accepted without doubt. Such social perception allows the media to keep the public trust. Otherwise, their influence on the public opinion would be negligible. In this sense, the media constantly balance between the real and the constructed representation of reality “more by instinct than intellect” (Bal, 1997: 68).
The trust between journalists and readers is the foundation of good journalism. Media have to invest all efforts to ensure that the news content is accurate, free from bias, and that all parties are fairly represented (Žaket, 2007 149).
If act differently media are grossly disregard of democratic and human rights of citizens. It is often said that the power of the media lies in manipulating the public. We believe that it is just the opposite notion: powerlessness of the media to disseminate the truth. If the media cannot resist the influence of different groups, this means that it is not free. It is the subordination of the media and freedom. “Always ready to rebel against the authority of beat, the crowd subordinates powerful authority” Čupić, 2010: 217). Powerful authorities are widely installed in the mission of influence

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