The Power Of Mass Media

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Mass media is a medium intended to reach the mass public. Common platforms for Mass media include newspaper, television, magazines, radio and the Internet. The general population is highly dependable on mass media to provide information such as political issues, social issues, entertainment and news about celebrities. The power of Mass media allows news outlet to have a major influence among the general public and also played a major role in affecting one’s opinion. Mass media impacts decidedly, one case would be when Neil Armstrong handled the moon in 1969, it was mass communications that made it feasible for the general public to witness this historical happening. Mass media has also made the possible concept of celebrities as without the capacity of films, magazines, and news media to reach a cross wide over a large number of miles, individuals could not become well-known. In fact, only political and business pioneers, and in addition a couple of infamous bandits were famous in the past. However, thanks to the power of Mass Media performing artists, vocalists, and other social elites get to be famous people or "stars." The present level of media immersion has not generally existed. As of late as the 1960s and 1970s, TV, for instance, comprised of principally three systems, open TV, and a couple of nearby autonomous stations. These channels pointed their programming principally at two‐parent, middle‐class families. Indeed, even along these lines, some middle‐class

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