The Power Of Materialism In 'The Cruise'

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In todays society we have become more and more materialistic. Many people only focus on money, things to buy and how they look outwardly. But we are also judging each other on how fancy cars we have, how big houses we have or how nicely we look. Because of the increased wealth in the western side of the world it has created a gap between the financially blessed and the financially less fortunate classes of society. Along with the fact that people focus a lot on money, comes the fact that some people can’t help thinking about when they can get there inheritance. Some simply can’t wait until their loved ones pass away. Because of the technology nowadays, we can’t be sure to outlive our dearest. In the short story “The Cruise” which was published in 1991, the author focuses on the problem with our need for materialistic things and the fact that we want our inheritance as soon as possible. He/she deals with the increased materialism and greediness that we are facing today. The story and the author ask the question, if even the family relations have been corrupted by the power of money. The children of the cruise passengers have never been lacking anything in their lives that money can’t buy because of their parents’ wealth. This we can see in this quote: “You all belong to that American economic class called “upper middle”; (…) you gladly paid for their abortions or their tuition for law school, medical school, business school; yes, and you loaned them money “to get started”;

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