Of Mice And Men Power Analysis

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John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men centers around societal pressure unrightfully dividing humanity as the male workers within the ranch’s microcosm are influenced by the ideas of the time concerning intelligence, brawns and race to represent power is truly determined by authority. Power is the ability to influence others, available to those who have a service to offer known as their authority. However, the privilege to do so is not always equal for the social hierarchy is very rigid with the capacity for abuse. The boss is the ultimate influencer as he supplies compensation to the workers in an unstable economic system. Slim is only second for he is the most respected individual offering support and wisdom to his fellow colleagues. Those…show more content…
Without the intentions to do so he had the ability to easily harm them. Power when abused points out the difference in people when in reality everyone has one common goal of being content. Society can create a warped picture that a lack of intelligence correlates with someone not deserving kindness. Candy on the other hand, unlike Lennie has awareness but lacks brawns. He is an older man disabled by the lack of one hand. Although, he has seniority on the ranch the other men do not value his opinion. When it came to euthanizing his dog he was overpowered in his ability to say no as Carlson exclaimed, “Look, Candy. This ol ' dog jus ' suffers hisself all the time. If you was to take him out and shoot him right in the back of the head-’ he leaned over and pointed, ‘-right there, why he 'd never know what hit him"(Steinbeck 22). To explain with more detail, the decision to do so was already made by higher powers such as Slim. Regardless of Candy’s own feelings he could not spare his dog’s life. The other men did not feel as though he offered anything to them. It may have been felt the action the appropriate action as the dog was an inconvenience to the other
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