The Power Of Power In The Catcher In The Rye

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All books that young adults read have power. Their power results in their ability to sway and to change the reader in so many ways, not the least of these is morally. These books can create a moral sense in the young by demonstrating what is morally right and what is morally wrong. They can raise and resolve ethical issues. The reader may not agree with each resolution, but is certainly forced to think about issues he or she may never have thought about before (Smith 63).
Every book has a point or a certain power that affects different kinds of readers everywhere, regardless of age or opinions. One book that affects teenagers and young adult readers was written by J.D Salinger. The Catcher in the rye has mesmerized the hearts of young adult readers across the country for its coming to age story about a young teen trying to find himself in this world. It 's overall message has sparked love from readers everywhere but the book has also sparked wild discussions about its content and if it should be taught in schools across the country. Although The Catcher In The Rye presents strong sexual themes and vulgar language, these aspects showcase the characters ' deepest emotions while staying true to the human experience and the power of language. The very same issues that cause the catcher in the rye to climb the banned book list, sexual themes and vulgar language, are exactly the things that make this piece worth teaching in high school curriculums, as they show readers the truest
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