The Power Of Science: Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Scientific Research Advancements in science can bring a positive or negative effects on an individual or society. As Kenneth R Miller once said, “We don’t regard any scientific theory as the absolute truth.”(Miller). Dr. Jekyll, a man who doesn 't go along with the scientific theories, is the polar opposite of Dr. Lanyon that thinks that scientific theories explain everything. By looking at Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Lanyon’s scientific beliefs and experimental practices, Stevenson is trying to communicate to us about the importance of adapting to new ideas. Dr. Jekyll is trying to fight with the societal system during Victorian London by being a noble and a poor person. Looking at this from another perspective Dr. Jekyll may seem insane trying to change himself by using the power of science. By using supernatural transformation; there is more of an impact than just Jekyll with a mask on. Since the rich, elegant, clean person, is Dr. Jekyll and the dirty, poor, ugly person, is Mr. Hyde.also it will also not make sense if a lower class citizen is wearing a nice suit and not an old rag. On the other hand, Dr. Jekyll changing into Mr. Hyde can be taken as a way to fight against Dr.Lanyonn’s thought in science. Dr.Lanyonn, who has a firm belief in what he believes is true. Change in the way we think brings major breakthroughs. This is when the “traditional science”, explaining everything with religious beliefs, changed more to a modern, experiment/logical thinking. As mentioned
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