Room 101 In George Orwell's Novel '1984'

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In Orwell’s novel 1984, Room 101 represents the power of the Party and is the room where Winstons spirit is crushed. Room 101 is a presentation utilized by the party to show absolute dominance. It proves that the party has the power to totally ruin someone through the use of their deepest fear. Fear is the ultimate dominance. If you can purchase the power to pressure someone to meet their biggest fear, you have the ultimate dominance over that individual.

Room 101 is frightening for the readers and also for the people in the 1984 universe. This is because no one knows what mysteries lie behind the door of this room. And the mystery of Room 101 never ends. In the waiting room for Room 101 men and women who have committed thoughtcrime or have been disobeying the government, sacrifice and scream to not let them into Room 101.
"Do anything to me! you've been starving me
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Winston’s fear of rats is in substance a psychological fear of what he takes to be the greatest evil – self-betrayal, betrayal of others , ratting or being a rat in general . When he sees the rats, he abandons the last piece of him left that holds onto independent thoughts. I believe that the rats broke Winstons spirit but what I also believe is that the rats play a symbolic role in this novel. Rats represent fear and corruption, they carry diseases and thrive on human garbage, they portray a realistic picture of torment, The rat is in company with death and betrayal.
Winstons universe is filled with humans who act like and are treated like rats. when the time comes Outer Party members and Proles will become drones- inhuman cogs in the Partys machinery. Winston and his dear citizens are rats trapped in Big Brothers cage if forces such as those represented by Big Brother are allowed to rule then they are no better than senseless
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