The Power Of Zeus: The Greek God Of The Gods

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The main focus is on Zeus do to the fact that he is the god of the gods and he has the ultimate power. There are many who worshiped him at the time and he was one of the most famous gods. The Greeks thought of him as the most powerful and the greatest of all the gods. He was the center and most of the gods were made after him or with him such as the original three. The three god that started off first were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Zeus is the god of the gods, Poseidon is the god of the seas and Hades is the god of the underworld. And beneath mount Olympus are the plains of the ssaly, the other side are the mountains called othrys. It was a fortress build by cronos god of the underworld. The fortress was built to fight the god and the leader…show more content…
The winds after the thunder bolts were so fierce that it just magnified Zeus’s power. After the fight Zeus pushed the Titians out of the heavens. After all the fighting between the gods and the titans had settled; and the Zeus forced them from the heavens and the earth. Zeus had to wait till the earth plants to recover from all the devastation that it caused.

There was a time of peace after that but it did not last long. Do to the fact that a god called Gaia had a child and it was a threat to Olympus. So in order to keep peace and to make sure the threat was resolved Zeus had to shake the earth and the skies.(1)
In other stories Zeus was in love with metis, but the earth warned Zeus that if he had a child with metis, that the child would come to be too powerful for Zeus to handle. So in order to ensure the safety to Olympus he decided to swallow metis. But that are many myths where Zeus seems to appear as cronos but some are not as well formulated as the original stories. But despite Zeus swallowing metis she still had a kid and the kid was a girl named Athena.
Athena was a virginal and unmarried and she had to play the role that she was given at the time, that there was no need for a mother to complete the child. She basically proved the father completes the child and the woman is not needed.
That is the main story of Zeus and his
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