The Powerful Message In Robert Frost's 'Fire And Ice'

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Literature has molded society for many decades. Major events, that happen during the author’s life, will affect their writing. The words written, by these authors, incorporate values that people should follow or an idea that people must ponder. Through different characters, unique messages are written for the purpose of education, entertainment, or information. Writers take current events at the time and create a story to inspire their readers. The readers often reflect on how the writer’s message could affect them personally and possibly their role in society. The location of the writer may also be a factor in their literature. Authors who were in an area that was damaging to society may have a more powerful message in their literature. When directly affected by a major event, our words and emotions could provide a very powerful message. The message in the poem, “Fire and Ice’’ is short and powerful. During the time this poem was written, the events may have been inspiration for Robert Frost. The way he chooses for the narrator to share his opinions and not tell a story, is a unique way to get a powerful message across. Robert Frost is one of the most well-known writers in American poetry. Robert was born in 1874 and lived in New England for almost his entire life. Between 1900-1912, he lived on a farm in New Hampshire. In 1912 at age of 38, he moved himself and his family to Buckinghamshire to pursue his literary career. It is under debate whether he is a

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