The Powerful Mootivator In 'The Call Of The Wild'

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‘’Love is the most powerful motivator in the world. It spurs mortals to greatness. Their noblest and bravest acts are done for love.’’ In the story ‘’The Call of the Wild’’, love is a powerful motivator. In the beginning, love is a powerful motivator. First, Manuel shows his love for gambling. For example, He steals Buck and sells him so he can play the Chinese lottery. This proves that love is a powerful motivator because to do what he loves Manuel risks getting arrested. Next, Francois shows love for his sled team. For instance, he makes moccasins for Bucks feet so he doesn't get hurt on the trail. This shows that Francois loves his team enough to take care of them. Lastly, Francois shows his affection for dogs. Francois shoots Dolly because she has rabies. This proves Francois cares for his dogs and won't let them suffer. In the beginning, love proves to motivate multiple characters.
In the middle of the book, love is still a powerful motivator. To begin with, the man in the red sweater shows his love for beating on dogs. Right before they go over very shallow ice the man beats on Buck relentlessly because he won’t budge, knowing that they were going to die. The man obviously finds much joy in beating on Buck since it isn't helping anything. Next, Buck shows his unconditional love for
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For instance, He kills a black bear, two wolverines, then stalks and kills a moose, all just to kill. This proves that Buck has no limits to his love for killing. Later on, John Thornton and his partners Hans and Pete, show their love for gold. Even though they have already found enough gold to last a lifetime, they continue to search. This proves how much love gold, enough to where they don't know what to do with it. Finally, Buck still shows his love for John Thornton. After answering the call to the wild, and joining a wolf pack Buck still goes to the valley
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