The Prankster Culture In Looking For Alaska By John Green

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Looking for Alaska is a young adult novel written by John Green. The book is split into two major parts, before and after. Miles ¨Pudge¨ Halter is a high school student who wants to move to a boarding school in Birmingham, Alabama which his father went to. Pudge is a shy, introvert with an intriguing talent of remembering the last words of dead people. He immediately connects with his roommate Chip ¨Colonel¨ Martin. Colonel introduces Pudge to his friends Lara, Alaska, and Takumi. Pudge soon realizes that his new school is crawling with pranksters who live off of their thirst for revenge. On the first day of school, Pudge is yelled at by a grumpy old teacher and gets kicked out for not paying attention. However, he learns to settle and adapt into the environment, which soon leads him to have the most…show more content…
The prankster culture of the school quickly lures Pudge into its trap, and turns him into a rebel. Soon, his life revolves around smoking under a hole, being tutored by his crush, and setting off fireworks in the dean’s office. During Thanksgiving break, Alaska and Pudge spend their time snooping into other people’s rooms, and eating a turkey with Colonel’s mother. After a little help from Alaska, Pudge asks a sweet Romanian girl with a cute accent to be his girlfriend, unfortunately she is not the girl of his dreams. After a camping trip, everyone gets drunk and suddenly Alaska goes ballistic and wants to go somewhere, and no one stops her. An accident occurs that leaves everyone in shock, and Alaska’s friends make it their mission to figure out what happened to Alaska. Looking for Alaska is an extremely monotonous and lifeless story which causes a negative attitude to form towards it. Finishing this novel, took countless days and nights, and many stares at a wall. This young
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