The Predicament Of Gawain Analysis

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George Engelhardt’s article, “The Predicament of Gawain”, reflects on the predicaments that Sir Gawain was faced with and how Gawain handled these situations. The predicaments Gawain coped with were not made for knights of zero valor, temperance, and other codes of chivalry. Engelhardt proposes that the pentangle on Sir Gawain’s shield symbolizes Gawain’s reputation, which was without any mistake, and again the quandary he faced tested his reputation. The pentangle also represents the “complete man” which Gawain is thought to be by many people. Engelhart continues to talk about how the society, that Gawain was alive during, rooted from a race of men that loved conflict, “but it was Gawain who especially excelled in valor” (Engelhardt 219).
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