The Pregnancy Pact Movie Analysis

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What is one sociological issue that is pledging the young people of the new generation? The issue of teen pregnancy is accurately shown in the movie The Pregnancy Pact (2010) directed by Rosmary Rodriguez. The film revolves around a number of young girls who seems to think have a child young will be fun, much like playing house. The boys that help them are mislead in the girls true intentions are. Both parties however, do not understand the responsibility that comes with a child, how both party’s lives will be forever changed, as well as how in will affect their own families. The same thing is depicted in the movie “17 Girls”, where 17 young girls decide to have children together with no grasp on what will truly take place when the children…show more content…
Many of the characters believe that they are going to be able to marry the boys that got them pregnant and live a fairy tail life. While their parents have to figure out how to support another human, being that is unable to support itself. One character Sarah believes that everything is perfect, while the young man knows and feels guilty that he has changed their lives forever by not practicing safe sex. The character Karissa states that they were going to a party and that she would only have a sip of alcohol even though she is expecting a child. This movie shows that young teen girls think irresponsibly when it comes to sex. They find that drinking and partying as well as not continuing their education is acceptable. Although this movie portrays the young girls as to immature to have a child at the end it states how things need to change in todays education system to help young girl prevent pregnancy if the girl chooses to or support her if she chooses to have a child young. When watching 17 Girls the girls are also depicted at immature and irresponsible. They too continue to party until one has a car accident and loses her child. She then disappears and starts a new life somewhere else. Leaving her followers to have their children lost as to why she truly left. This movie does show how angry parents can become when they find out that their young daughters become pregnant so early in life. However, this movie does not show adults trying to help these young girls become successful if they decide to have the children or to keep from becoming a young
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