The Prestige By Alfred Borden Analysis

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Christopher Priest’s novel The Prestige centers on the secrets and plots of two rival magicians: Alfred Borden and Rupert Angier. Early in Borden’s magic career, he devises an act known as The New Transported Man. His fame along with his wealth skyrockets and he is deemed the greatest magician. However, to reach this level in his career, he sacrifices many aspects in his life in order to protect the secret of his best act: Alfred Borden is in reality a pair of twin brothers. Borden makes additional sacrifices to fight off his greatest rival Rupert Angier for the protection of his title and fame. Throughout the novel, Borden’s sacrifices reveal his overwhelming desire to obtain the title and fame of the greatest magician. Near the start of his career, Alfred Borden concocts a new type of magic act never before seen on stage: The New Transported Man. In the act, Borden tosses his hat, walks into a cabinet or through a door, and instantaneously walks out of another cabinet or door downstage to catch his hat. The finale captivates audiences, rocketing him into stardom and grants him the title “the greatest magician.” To uphold the title, he practises at least nine hours every day as well as travels around the world on tours. Consequently, as he becomes more famous, he spends less time with his beloved wife and children. During the long hours he spends away from his family, Borden deeply aches for them. However, the desire to be “the greatest magician” is too powerful for him to
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