The Priest's Tale Moral Lesson Analysis

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The Nun’s Priest’s Tale Moral Lessons
This story is about a widow who lives with her two daughters in a small cottage house with a few animals. She has three sows, three cows, a sheep, come chickens and one beautiful rooster by the name of Chanticleer. In this story Chanticleer the rooster is a special character who is in love with one hen named Pertelote. Chanticleer is so in love with Pertelote that him being in love makes him loose his mind and makes him stop believing in himself. In this tale a few lessons were taught, never to trust flattery, greatest weakness can also be someone’s greatest weapon, and men need to be aware of paying attention to the advice of woman.
The first lesson, is never to trust flattery. Flattery means when someone is trying to please by remarks or attention, and in this short story the fox uses his flattery for his advantage to get the chicken. But the smart chicken turns the table around and uses flattery to trick the fox into letting him out his mouth. The narrator explains, “This Chanticleer was shaken to the core / And would have fled. The fox was quick to say / However, “Sir! Whither to fast away? / Are you afraid of me that am your friend? / A friend, or worse, I should be, to intend / You harm, or
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The fox and Chanticleer were the main characters who learns these lessons. The fox learns that his flattery against Chanticleer was used towards him, that is dangerous to be overwhelmed by flattery and Chanticleer learned from him and used it for his advantage. Also Chanticleer learned to never again trust flattery and to not always trust the advice that others give. People should just trust themselves and do as they believe. Also someone’s weakness can be used as weapons and reversed for example the fox greatest weapon which is flattery was used against his weakness because he set Chanticleer
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