The Primary Causes Of The Civil War

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1. There are many causes of the most devastating war in American History. We know this war as the Civil War. The first cause of the war was the election of Abraham Lincoln. Although an election of a new president may not seem as such a big deal, it was. Abraham Lincoln was elected president during one of the most consequential periods in American history. Abraham Lincoln was against slavery which prevented the south from expanding slavery. As it would do to anyone, it unsettled the south that their own president was basically against them. This helps create some of the anger that powered this war. Another cause was the abolition movement. Radical abolitionists certainly intensified feelings towards and against people who encourage and supported slavery. They created political parties that limited expansion of slavery. All of the things they did cause reactions (often violent) from slave owners and people who supported slavery in general.…show more content…
Personally I think everything related back to the fact that some people agreed with slavery and some did not. That caused the split in the country. Although the primary cause of the Civil War has been a topic debated for years because there were many causes of the Civil War, the primary cause of the Civil War was the expansion of slavery and sectionalism. The expansion of slavery and sectionalism were primary causes of the Civil War because they created more tensions between the North and the South over slavery in the west, and the industrial and sectional differences between the two
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