The Primary Methods Of Communication: Face To Face Communication

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Since the beginning of the time, the most primary method of communication has been the face-to-face communication. In fact, for an extended time, face-to-face communication was the only method ever used. As the time passed many new methods of communication came along with the use of telephone calls, emails and letters. Even though with the enhancements in such types of communication, nothing like other types of communication has been able to change or replace the face-to-face method. Face-to-face communication is better than any other types of communication because it allows one person to recognize the facial expressions of another, you can tell whether if the person is telling the truth or not and it allows one person to express his/her feelings towards the person.

Firstly, face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication like telephone, email or letters because it allows one person to recognize the facial expressions of another person. For example, when a person is talking to someone or telling him/her about a good news. They usually smile and their eyes light up due to the excitement. Additionally, when a person is having an earnest conversation with a person. Their eyebrows are usually lower due to being serious and they
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Because, the reason is that face-to-face communication is important in these days and as face-to-face communication is much more sincere and serious. Whereas communicating with someone through other types of communication are insincere and less serious. As people cannot look at the true emotions of the people when someone talks to other party which makes it more insincere. Face-to-face communication is better as it is more real and you can understand people’s facial expressions. Which basically means that the face to face communication is more realistic than communicating with someone through email or
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