Prime Directive In Anthem

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The Prime Directive In the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand the society that she portrays lives under one injunction, or prime directive, for everyone to be equal. There are numerous rules and controls instituted to help keep the citizens’ in order and while some of them seem to be beneficial, others are constricting the basic rights that every person should have. The one thing that all of the rules do share in common is the restriction of a person's freedom, individuality, and life in general. Ayn Rand knew that by writing this novel, it would spark many conflicting views about equality and liberty in today's world. To start off, the rules exist to keep every person in the society equal to all of their fellow men and women. The laws must have been…show more content…
While the rules were limiting the full potential of its people, it is important to keep in mind that they did have food, shelter, and support from their brothers, so some of the more socialistic ideas might actually be contributory to a new society. In the novel it says “...everything which is not permitted by law is forbidden (31).”” Rules and laws should not tell people everything that they can do, they should tell them everything that they can't do. Laws in the United States are like this and Prometheus will probably make his new society based on many on the same principles that there is in the U.S.. Furthermore, the House of Vocations assigns people in the City the occupation that they do for their whole lifetime. Prometheus will allow them to choose their own job in the new society because it will allow them to be happier throughout their whole lives. Love was also forbidden in the book. Men and women can never truly be happy until they are allowed to be with the people they love so there is no doubt that in the new city love will be allowed and encouraged. This is especially true since Prometheus loves Gaea and he would never be willing to give her up. In conclusion, the many rules and controls instituted in the society of Anthem were actually meant to help the people by making everyone equal. No man or woman
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