The Prince And The Pauper Analysis

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Mark Twain 's novel, The Prince and The Pauper, from “Townsend Library”, tells the dramatic tale of two innocent boys who look identical and born on the same day in the sixteenth century in London. One of them is the prince Edward Tudor, whereas the other one is the beggar Tom Canty who has an unhappy life. One fine day the prince and the pauper see each other and get surprised that they look exactly the same. Later after a long conversation, they decide to swap their lifestyle and exchange their dresses and costumes. Tom goes to the palace as a prince and the prince comes to Tom’s family as a beggar. Days pass and their lives continue in such a way. The people in the kingdom notice that there are many changes in the behavior of their prince and they notice him doing crazy things.…show more content…
At that time, the actual prince is struggling and suffering because he wants to go back to his life, so he appears in the palace. The peoples were surprised to see the beggar with the resemblance of their prince. Tom and Miles Hendon help Edward prove that he is the prince and later Edward gives them some rewards. From this story we can release that wealth is not happiness and changing lives is not easy. The movie version of Mark Twain 's novel The Prince and The Pauper, was directed by William Keighley, and adapted for the screen by Jeffrey Hatcher and Amanda Moresco. In this paper, I will discuss some similarities and differences between the novel and the movie and hypothesize the reasons why the movie maker made some changes and kept other things the
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