The Prince And The Pauper Analysis

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Mark Twain’s 1881 novel The Prince and the Pauper from “Townsend Library” tells the dramatic story in London in the 16th century of two boys who are born on the same day and time. One of them is Edward the prince who all the people are waiting for. The other boy is Tom Canty a pauper who lives in one room with his family in a crumbling house on Offal Court. One day they meet and exchange their clothes which make them realize that they are identical. Edward leaves the palace in Tom’s clothes. As a result, he doesn’t like pauper’s life because all the trouble he gets into and the way that Tom’s father forces him to steal, so he decides to go back to his palace. There is a soldier named Miles Hendon. He has trouble with his brother who steals his…show more content…
After that, bad new reaches to Edward about his father King Henry’s death. He realizes that he is the king now so he promises himself to help his people. In the palace everyone believes Tom he is the prince. He is trying to tell them he is not the prince but no one believes him. Tom doesn’t know how to deal with royal business, so they think the prince is losing his mind. Finally, Edward is back to his palace and proves that he is the king. Also, he does two more things. He gives Tom a big job in the palace and helps Miles to get his wealth back and the opportunity to sits down when everyone is standing for the king. A major theme of the novel that is not everything we want to have is what we like. The movie version of Mark Twain’s popular novel The Prince and the Pauper, it was release in 2007 directed by James Quattrochi, and adapted for the screen by Jeffrey Hatcher and Amanda Moresco. Dylan and Cole Sprouse played Edward and Tom’s roles. In this paper I will discuss 3 similarities and 3 differences between the novel and film; Then, I will explain the possible reasons for keeping and changing some

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