The Prince To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

Prince- because he could have done more to stop the fighting.

Intro - The mayor of a town should keep the peace which the Prince could not do. Being the mayor of the town he made the laws about the fights. Making the town feel safe is one of the most important things to do. As an important figure he is put in that place to keep everything calm and peaceful. The prince is the most to blame for the terrible deaths.

First - he played a big part in the story in the sense that he made the laws for the town. Even know the Prince did not speak to much in the actual play he was one of the main factors in the end. He claimed that if any more fights broke out the people would be killed. The Prince did not follow his own rules and when tybalt was killed by Romeo the Prince just banished Romeo. It would seem in the end that not killing Romeo would be Fatal to the ending of the book.
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He could have arrested Tybalt and others for influencing the fights and eventually his own death. He did not kill Romeo and that changed the outcome of the story to how it ended up being. Sense he let every thing got out of hand and there was nothing he could do to stop the madness in the end. If he had just blown out the embers to the fire the flame would have never caught and thous changing the story.

Third - Others may say that tybalt is to blame for all the deaths. In the end the Prince is at fault for the death if he had just enforced the law and the consequences of them the outcome of the entire play could be different. He stated that anyone caught fighting would be killed for disruption of the peace and the town. Some people think that he was not involved too much and is not the biggest cause of all the deaths. On the other hand making the laws puts him in control of the laws and those causing some of the
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