The Princess And The Frog Summary

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In the article by Neal A. Lester about “The Princess and the Frog” Disney movie. The articles main point is that all of Disney’s “princesses” were all white and considered the all-American girl. The author explains to the reader the differences between all the princesses before Princess Tiana, while also comparing the princess to Michelle Obama. The movie was considered to be the first princess movie to appeal to the African- American population. The author used Michelle Obama a number of times to compare to Princess Tiana in the movie: As others point out, the reality of the first African- American president and First Family in the United States of America made the moment of Disney’s first African American princess even more boldly pronounced. In fact, some likened First Lady Michelle Obama especially as she entered the various galas on January 2009 Inauguration night, to the political and…show more content…
I have not seen the movie, but feel the authors view and information follows along with the argument at hand. A few of the arguments the author had stood out to me and I’m not sure if it is just to help with the storyline, but this throws up some flags as far as the other princess movies go. First, of the princess movies by Disney I have seen, most if not all the princesses have the prince chasing them and fighting for their love. In the “Princess and the Frog” the princess is battling with a Caucasian suitor for the prince. The bulk of the movie the princess is a frog instead of her human self, where again in the other princess movies the princess is herself the whole movie. The last argument that stands out to me is the interracial relationship. The princesses in the other movies had the same race as them for their happy endings, where princess Tiana is connected to a prince of white
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