The Princess And The Tin Box Theme Analysis

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Theme play the very important role of a book. It refers the central idea, lessons or message that stretch through the entire story. In facts, every story has theme and it can refer various aspects in life. One of the most popular themes is fear, which is described in different way in many stories such as “The princess and the tin box”, “The Emperor’ new clothes” and “ The story”. All these stories express fear of human beings It is undeniable that fear prevent the princess do as her heart. The princess in this story is described as the prettiest princess in the world with cornflower…. - She grew up wealthy with the toys made of diamonds….. - It is uncertain that her life was as dream of many girls in the world and she didn’t do anything to have everything, except being a good…show more content…
It was a big challenge that maybe overcome her desire. - In brief, she chose the expensive gift with many …instead of the tin box that she had never seen before because the fear of losing perfect life and confronting the king power. 1. It is clearly that in “ The Emperor’ new clothes”, almost people hid the truth because of fear - It is similar that fear keep people silent in both stories. - However the fear in “The Emperor’ new clothes” is described in different way. - The author focused on describing the fear of truth, stupidity and naivety. - It stared with the Emperor who is so concerned with his clothes. He paid a lot of money and gold to make an invisible clothes. - Although those are vanity but he wanted to prove that he was clever. - It caused his fear which came from the reality that it was a stupid action. - It is clearly that he didn’t see any thing and wear nothing but he didn’t want to admit it because all people “see” it. - as the result his fear and his vanity turned him into the joke. - Not only did he live in the fear, but other characters also did fear of saying the

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