The Princess Bride Characteristics

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The Princess Bride is a movie about a beautiful woman named Buttercup and her true love Westley. He has to find and rescue her in the mythical kingdom of Florin, after a long separation. Buttercup fell in love with her family’s farm boy Westley, but soon after he went away to sea she received news that he was killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts. Five years later the prince of Florin, Prince Humperdinck, announced that by the law of the land he had chosen to marry Buttercup. One day while she was on a horse ride she was kidnapped by three men, a Spaniard swordsman named Inigo Montoya, a strong giant named Fezzik, and a genius Sicilian named Vizzini. On a mission to kill Buttercup and blame Florin’s sworn enemy Gilda, the three kidnappers discover…show more content…
Westley guards the honor of others; since Fezzik and Inigo are honorable and kind people who had been tricked into being a part of this, when Westley fights them he simply knocks them unconscious rather than killing them. He also tells them how he holds them in a high respect and he compliments their strengths. Westley respects the honour of Buttercup holding her in the highest respect. Westley promises her that he will always come for her no matter what. Finally when Westley goes to save Buttercup he agrees to fight Humperdinck even though he has little strength and can barely stand; showing that he never refuses a challenge from an equal and never turns his back upon a foe. Another characteristic shown in this movie are supernatural elements and mystery. After Wesley outsmarts Vizzini he takes Buttercup into the Fire Swamp in order to escape from Humperdinck. In the swamp they face flame spurts, giant bursts of fire from the ground, they also have to face R.O.U.S.’s (rodents of unusual sizes). These rodents that are about half the height of a man and eat any living thing. When Westley is rescued from The Pit of Despair, Fezzik and Inigo bring him to a man named Miracle Max to save
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